Tori Black

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My First Entry!

Hey this is my first time on blogger!!!!!!! and guess what else?! it's my 13th birthday...finally! *<:-) party time! e ok so my totally awesome (lol) friend Katey showed me this and also xanga but we couldnt get into it yet so i'll put my xanga url on here as soon as i get it. well i dont really have that much to say right now, so i'll update again when something xcitin happens!!! ttyl, luv ya, bye!


some kewl pics

this is my new cousin isn't he soooo cute he was born September 4th. 4 Halloween he was Elmer Fudd u no the guy that always trys 2 shoot Bugs bunny and yes in here he is with "mr. Bugs bunny" can u tell that he likes to stick out his tongue it must b genetic cause my sister does that a lot 2. LOL

c ya l8ter